TEAM (Teen Education and Mothering Program)

What is TEAM?

The TEAM program supports and empowers pregnant women and mothers who have babies as young as 6 weeks and as old as 18 months to continue earning high school credits through guided, independent learning with a teacher in a supportive environment; to develop their parenting and life skills; and to address their emotional, social and physical well-being.

Work Towards Completing High School

Students work at their own pace, attending Monday to Friday throughout the school year. Each student has an individualized timetable and can access a variety of school board resources and supports, including dual credit programs.

Our Program Facilitator supports the students with reaching personal and family goals, and with accessing community programs for young mothers and babies.

Snacks and a healthy lunch are provided. Students also participate in parenting and life skills programs and special workshops.

Support for Your Child

Infants up to 18 months old receive child minding by a qualified Early Childhood Educator, who provides the babies with a nurturing, safe, educational environment. Moms are encouraged to feed and change their babies at any time to promote a healthy relationship.

How do I learn more about TEAM?

Come for a tour!

Call (905) 623-6505 for more information and to book a tour of the TEAM program.