Nutrition/Food Program

Nutrition/Food Program:


At Clarington CIS, we believe food is an important foundation in being ready to learn. 

Food is not only essential for us to learn, it brings us together as a community of learners.

At our school, we attempt to provide food in the following ways:

  •         A “bagel cart” is available at various times throughout the week
  •         Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh water is available most times in our foyer
  •         Each classroom has a “food bowl” with various snacks as they become available
  •         Most Fridays include a free “hot lunch” for students
  •         During holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, our staff coordinate to bring our students a holiday dinner with all the fixings!
  •         Our CYW has various contacts in our community to help students obtain food, as well as other basic necessities


Most students will speak of great experiences around food at our school, and how Clarington CIS is enriched by the value put into our nutrition/food program.